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Yes John those are potatoes on my face.



This was an early attempt to see if my phantoon designs could work beyond just getting a laugh. It received as pretty good response and paved the way for my Phantom Pin-Ups series.

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Commission for villainousfitness

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Can’t find the perfect Rarity glasses? Make em yourself.

Painting these will be interesting.

I don’t even know



hello everyone! i’m pleased to announce that i’ve had panels (so far) accepted at two conventions this year! those conventions are


and the panel is Offer Up Your Hearts! A Shingeki No Kyojin Panel, a panel i will be holding at both, but with fun mix-ups and differences between the two. i’ve been running and hosting panels for more than seven years, but these are my first ones that i’m personally heading for shingeki no kyojin! now, in the last two years, i’ve extensively run a panel called What the #$%@ is Homestuck!?, an informative, but interactive, lecture panel that’s been met with widespread success (with a top attendance at my last run of it of over 300 people!), and i’d like to adapt the sort of formula i had going with What the #$%@ is Homestuck!? to this new panel.

what does “interactive, informative lecture” mean, though? well, it’s based around a powerpoint, which will cover snk top to bottom, canon to officially licensed bath salts and disposable razor ads, and everything in between. but this experience will be supplemented by trivia, maybe some games, and, wait for it, an in-character panel of cosplaying cast members!

which brings me to the point of this post; i’m opening auditions! now, before i get to the application process, i’m going to make some things very clear first and foremost so here are


  1. be going to the convention!!! No “maybe”s and “i might go”s. we need “certainly”s! i’ve had this happen a lot and it won’t be tolerated. if you have to drop the con, that’s understandable, but—
  2. KEEP ME INFORMED! if you have to drop out, if your cosplay breaks, if you change your mind! we need to know these things, and i certainly won’t need daily updates, but you know what i’m talking about.
  3. you will need to be able to meet for about an hour with the rest of the group some time before the panel. a big problem with so many panels is that they are incohesive and lack planning and organization on the part of panelists. in this hour, we will discuss basic panel structure, as well as iron out some fanon/headcanon details, so we don’t get confusing on accident!
  4. you need to understand that being in the panel will not provide you a free badge, or a discount on your badge. i’m sorry! it’s just that most conventions won’t let in an extensive cast of people in ALL on freebie or discount. i’m not even getting free badges!
  5. this is in your own hands, but you need to feel confident that you can perform in an appropriate manner. not interrupting unnecessarily, not shoehorning yourself on other panelists, not insulting the audience, not being unnecessarily profane. all of that! further rules are sure to come up, but those will be discussed with panelists privately.
  6. understand that you are not “guaranteed” in by any means, no matter our relationship. i’m not going to be mean or step on toes! but even if i know you, fill out your application correctly!
  7. HAVE YOUR COSPLAY COMPLETED BY THE CONVENTION. at minimum, i need cosplayers to have at least the uniform (coat, shirt, pants, boots) by the panel date. it’s ok if you don’t have harnesses or 3dmg! i just need you all in uniform!
  8. inappropriate “joke” entries aren’t funny.
  9. you can apply for as many characters as you want! just fill out the form separate for each character. you can send them in the same email.
  10. contact me with questions! my askbox is open, if you have questions prior to application, just shoot me an ask or email (email under the readmore)


which brings me to the application process, which i will put under a readmore because this post is long already.

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ive sent out the first round of akaicon acceptances! but please spread this, i’d love to have a a few more panelists! please please please! the panel will be friday at 6pm

I think Im gonna write a thing about my take on cultural appropriation/cultural exchange because it’s been bugging me and I don’t want anyone misunderstanding my standpoint.

Life stuff

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